Frequently Asked Questions


1)     Do you use your own equipment or does the homeowner provide their own?

    We prefer that the homeowner keep and provide their own cleaning equipment.  The reason is having your own equipment reduces the possibility of getting any cross-contamination from other pools.  In case you would like us to use our own equipment, we would be happy to do so.  We keep our equipment in a sanitizing solution between clients to prevent any accidental spreading of fungus from other pools.


2)      Will you provide Chemicals for our pool?

    We offer programs with and without chemicals included.  Our preference is to include chemicals with our service.  This way the homeowner does not have to keep a supply of chemicals available and store them.  There are several reasons why this is preferred:

    (a)  For the health and safety of both your family and our employees.  Chemicals stored in sheds and filter rooms often absorb moisture and are usually subjected to the heat of the season.  This combination causes many chemical containers to sweat, activating the chemical contents.  The result can be extremely harsh fumes that are overpowering and can easily burn eyes and be dangerous to breathe.  This is a bad situation that can be especially dangerous to children or anyone with health issues.

    (b)  All pool chemicals are either corrosive or cause oxidation.  Chemical fumes, even small ones, may hasten equipment breakdown.  For example, motor housings may rust on both the inside and outside.  Any such damage can reduce the life of the equipment.  Also, any pool furniture stored in the same area as chemicals may be adversely affected.  It will fade quicker, become brittle, and often shows oxidation stains.


 3)  How often does a pool need to be cleaned?

    Frequency of service depends on several factors - the amount of use the pool gets, the amount of oils and lotion used, and weather conditions.  We recommend your pool be serviced twice a week under normal conditions. 

    If your pool is automated with cleaners and chemical feeders, service once a week service might be enough.

    The reason twice a week service is preferred is to keep your pool in tip-top shape.  Even a small storm can alter pool chemistry, and often winds blow in debris which is unattractive and settles on the bottom of the pool.  Twice weekly service keeps your pool chemistry corrected and balanced properly.  Any debris getting into the pool increases the chance of algae spore growth, so frequent cleaning is always best.

    Hot weather tends to increase the use of lotions and sunscreens.  Extra perspiration makes sanitizers lose their effectiveness.  Additionally, a pool can lose several inches of water a week due to evaporation.  Low water levels and extra oils prevent pools from filtering the water effectively.


4)      Do you recommend an automatic pool cleaner?

    Yes we do.  There are many excellent ones available.  Each one has special benefits and are designed for specific needs.  Most automatic cleaners push debris to either a skimmer or a drain and then to a filter.  This makes for a nicer looking pool.


    Sometimes pool owners have the misconception that an automatic cleaner eliminates the need to brush and vacuum their pool.  The amount of work is reduced, but the water still needs to be tested and adjusted properly.  The filter will still need to be backwashed, water added, and lotion scum lines removed.


5)      Does Pool Professionals offer home pre-purchase pool inspections?

    Yes, this is a service we provide.  We have helped many prospective homeowners feel comfortable about the condition of the pool prior to purchase, avoiding costly problems.  Sometimes a homeowner may assume there is only a small issue with a pool that can be easily repaired, only to discover that the problem is neither minor nor inexpensive to repair.  It is far better to have a professional evaluation of the pool prior to purchase.

    Our reports are both verbal and written and will be sent immediately.  This report will address any repair issues that should be corrected.

6)      Do you require that the homeowner sign a contract for services?

Absolutely not.  We are a "service" company, and we understand that the only way we can stay in business is to give outstanding service and create happy customers.  We pride ourselves in the excellence of our service and living up to our word.