Weekly & Twice Weekly Pool Cleaning and Maintenance -  Regular maintenance of your swimming pool and spa.  This Includes testing and adjusting water balance, brushing walls, vacuuming pool, cleaning tile, emptying skimmer and pump baskets and cleaning filter.

Equipment Upgrades & Modernization - Today's new pools are using state of the art pumps with freeze guards, chlorine generators (salt system), higher efficiency cartridge filters, more energy-efficient gas heaters and new generation pool cleaners.  All of these items can help your pool become less work and more enjoyable for a small investment.

Emergency Service & Repairs - We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our customers, especially when they need it the most.  We are available 7 days a week if needed.  Simply call and leave us a message and our technician will contact you.

Vacation Pool Sitting - Need a break?  Relax and enjoy your time off.  Our staff will take care of your pool the way you designate.  When you return your pool will be sparkling clean and ready to enjoy.

Spring Openings - Let us get your pool ready to enjoy.  Our staff will remove, clean and fold your cover.  We then djust the pool chemicals, check and start the pump and filtration system, and clean the deck and furniture.  When we finish, your pool is ready to use.

Winter Closings -  Most of our customers in Georgia choose to enjoy their outdoor retreat year round.  If you choose to winterize your pool we will drain the water to the proper level, add winterization chemicals, drain equipment and blow the pipes free of water.  We then add pool antifreeze as needed and cover the pool.  Additionally we will stop by during the off-season and drain the rain water off your cover.